Nikwax BaseFresh® 300ml


Deodorising conditioner for all technical underwear and wicking clothing worn next to the skin. B..


Nikwax Down Proof™ 300ml


Easy to use, safe, high performance wash in waterproofing for down filled clothing and gear. Adds..


Nikwax Down Wash 300ml


Nikwax Down Wash™ has been specifically designed and optimised for down filled gear.  ..


Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof Spray On 300ml


 Adds water repellency Prolongs life and performance of all fabric and leather combina..


Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel™


  The safe cleaner for all waterproof outdoor and sports footwear. Breathable waterp..


Nikwax Tech wash


Tech Wash from Nikwax is part of their textile cleaning range. It is a wash-in cleaner for waterp..


Nikwax Tech Wash & Softshell Proof Twin Pack


Tech Wash is a wash-in cleaner for waterproof clothing and equipment. It safely revitalises breat..


Nikwax TX direct wash


New Version 11.1 - Lasts up to 5X longer!!! TX Direct Wash-In from Nikwax is part of their te..


Nikwax TX.Direct® Spray-On


Nikwax TX.Direct® Spray-On is an easy to use, safe, high performance spray on waterproofing f..


Nikwax Waterproofing Wax For Leather


Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather maintains breathability and contains conditioning agents to ..

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